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Annette O'Toole
Portrayed Edna Price
Biographical Information
Birth Name Annette O'Toole
Birthdate April 1, 1952
Birthplace Houston, Texas, United States

Annette O'Toole portrayed Edna Price, a strict Southern Baptist who rents a room to Jake Epping while he is visiting Holden, Kentucky.


Annette O'Toole is an American actress, dancer and singer-songwriter. She is probably best known for portraying Lisa Bridges in the TV series "Nash Bridges", Beverly Marsh in the "It" miniseries, Lana Lang in "Superman III", Elaine (the girlfriend of Nick Nolte's character) in "48 Hrs.", the leading role of Kathy in the romantic-comedy "Cross My Heart", and more recently for portraying Martha Kent (the mother of Clark Kent) on the television series "Smallville".

Annette has been married to Michael McKean since 1999. They were both nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song in the film "A Mighty Wind" (2003). She has two daughters from her previous marriage with Bill Geisslinger.


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