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This article is about Bill Turcotte from the TV series. You may be looking for Bill Turcotte (Novel).
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Bill Turcotte
Biographical Information
Name Bill Turcotte
Occupation Bartender
Residence Holden, Kentucky (hometown)
Fort Worth, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Time Period 1960-1963
Status Deceased (committed suicide in 1963, alternate timeline)
Alive (prime timeline, 1960)
Relationship Information
Family Clara Dunning (sister, deceased)
Relatives Mikey (nephew, deceased)[1]
Significant Other Marina Oswald (affair, alternate timeline)
Former Frank Dunning (ex brother-in-law)
Character Information
Portrayed by George MacKay
First Appearance The Rabbit Hole
Last Appearance The Day in Question
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Bill Turcotte is a bartender in Holden, Kentucky. An encounter with Jake Epping sends his life down a new and exciting path.


Bill's sister Clara was married to Frank Dunning and had a child with him. In 1948 Dunning killed her and the child, then buried them. Because he was a child, no one believed Bill when he said Dunning was responsible for the murders. Their bodies were never found. ("The Kill Floor").

Bill was a bartender at Sammy's Town House in Holden, Kentucky, when he runs into Jake. Tired of small town life and with no prospects, he goes with Jake on the mission to save John F. Kennedy. ("The Kill Floor") ("Other Voices, Other Rooms")


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George MacKay did not appear in "The Rabbit Hole" and received credit only.


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