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This article is about Bill Turcotte (Novel). You may be looking for Bill Turcotte (TV Series).
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Bill Turcotte (Novel)
Biographical Information
Name Bill Turcotte
Residence Derry, Maine
Status Unknown
Relationship Information
Family Clara Dunning (sister, deceased)
Relatives Mikey Dunning (nephew, deceased)
Former Frank Dunning (former brother-in-law, deceased)

Bill Turcotte lives in Derry, Maine in 1958. His sister and nephew were murdered by his former brother-in-law, Frank Dunning.

Jake Epping encounters Bill while traveling back to 1958 to try and prevent the murder of the Dunning family. Jake gives him the nickname ‘no suspenders’ when they first meet. It turns out that Bill has a history with Frank Dunning, the murderer that Jake hopes to stop. Frank always picked on Bill, and eventually married Bill’s sister, Clara. The two had a son, Mikey, but one day in 1938 his wife and son disappeared. While Bill believes Frank murdered them, that was never proven. In the ensuing twenty years, Bill harbored an intense hatred against Frank, but never acted on it.

When Bill finds out that Jake is planning to kill Frank because Frank is about to commit another homicide on Halloween, this time against his new wife and children, Bill attempts to stop Jake from interfering, stating he wants the honor of killing Frank himself. Jake chews Bill out for having had plenty of opportunities to do so in the past twenty years, and never doing anything. Eventually, Bill and Jake team up and manage to save all but one of the Dunning children. Bill, a heavy smoker, suffered a heart attack shortly thereafter and was hailed by the local media as the hero who stopped the murderous Frank Dunning.

These events are undone, however, when Jake goes back to his own time and then travels back to 1958 again, since each trip back starts a new timeline. This time, Jake tracks down and kills Frank on October 5 while he is visiting his parents' graves. He then sends Bill a letter in which he urges him to go see a doctor for his heart condition.

At the end of the story, this change is also undone by yet another time travel by Jake, and everything is reset. It is unknown what became of Bill Turcotte in the original timeline.


While several reviews of 11/22/63 claim that Bill's heart attack was fatal, that was never stated in the novel.


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