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Bridget Carpenter
Position Executive Producer, Writer
Episodes The Rabbit Hole
Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald
Soldier Boy
The Day in Question
Biographical Information
Name Bridget Carpenter
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace New York, New York, United States

Bridget Carpenter developed Stephen King's book, 11/22/63, for television. She was the showrunner and one of the executive producers on the miniseries. Carpenter wrote four episodes: "The Rabbit Hole", "Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald", "Soldier Boy" and "The Day in Question".


Bridget Carpenter is an American television writer and playwright. She received an M.F.A. from Brown University in 1995. She has taught playwriting in grammar school, high school, colleges (such as Carleton College) and prisons. Her plays have been produced across the country, at venues including Arena Stage, Washington, D.C., the Los Angeles Theatre Center, and La Mama ETC, New York. She received the 2017 Writers Guild of America (USA) nomination for Long Form Adaptation (TV) for 11.22.63.

She currently resides in Los Angeles.


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