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Buell Frazier
Biographical Information
Name Wesley Buell Frazier
Occupation Shipping Clerk
Residence Irving, Texas
Time Period 1963
Status Alive
Relationship Information
Family Linnie Mae Randle (sister)
Character Information
Portrayed by Brian Nicholas
Appearance Soldier Boy

Buell Frazier is Lee Harvey Oswald's friend and coworker at the Texas School Book Depository.



Historical Figure


Wesley Buell Frazier was born in Texas in 1944. He lived in Huntsville before moving to Irving where he stayed with his sister, Linnie Mae Randle.

In September 1963, Frazier began work at the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. The following month, Ruth Paine, a neighbour of Linnie Mae Randle, told her that Lee Harvey Oswald was going to work at the same building. The two men became friends and Frazier agreed to give Oswald a lift to work when he was staying at Paine's house in Irving.

Buell Frazier

On November 22, 1963, Frazier gave Oswald a lift to the Texas Book Depository. He told the Warren Commission that Oswald took a package into work that day that he claimed contained curtain rods. In his book "The Kennedy Conspiracy", the author, Anthony Summers, points out:

"Ironically, it was Frazier and his sister who created a slight doubt that Oswald had, in fact, been carrying the murder weapon rather than his 'curtain rods'. Both insisted Oswald's parcel was a good eight inches shorter than the disassembled Mannlicher-Carcano. Frazier demonstrated this by showing that Oswald could not physically have carried a 35-inch rifle tucked into his armpit with the base cupped in his hand, as Frazier remembered."

Garland G. Slack, who also testified before the Warren Commission, claimed that he saw Oswald practicing with a rifle at a firing range on November 10, 1963. He added that Oswald had been driven to the driving range by "a man named Frazier from Irving".

It has also been pointed out that one of Frazier's friends was a man named John M. Crawford. He in turn, was an associate of Jack Ruby.[1]


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