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Dealey Plaza
General Information
Type City Park
Subtype Historical
Location Dallas, Texas
Significance Site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated
Site where Jake Epping and Sadie Dunhill first met
Episode(s) The Rabbit Hole
Other Voices, Other Rooms
Soldier Boy
The Day in Question
Fictional Characters Jake Epping
Sadie Dunhill
Johnny Clayton
Bill Turcotte
Historical Characters Lee Harvey Oswald
Bonnie Ray Williams
James Hosty
Buell Frazier
John F. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy

Dealey Plaza is a city park in Dallas, Texas. It is the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.


Jake Epping and Sadie Dunhill met for the first time in the park. ("The Rabbit Hole")


Dealey Plaza is a significant part of Dallas history. The site marks the birthplace of Dallas, originally founded by John Neely Bryan in the 1840s. Almost a century later, as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration, the familiar white concrete colonnades and triple underpass were constructed, creating a vehicular park to serve as gateway to the city. The project was spearheaded by civic leader George Bannerman Dealey. After G.B. Dealey died in 1946, a bronze statue to honor him was installed in the park that already bore his name.

Hailed as “The Front Door of Dallas,” Dealey Plaza served as the major gateway to the city from the west and, equally important, as a symbol of civic pride. In November 1963, that focus changed when President Kennedy was assassinated in the heart of the plaza. Instantly, the cradle of Dallas history became known as an internationally recognized murder site.[1]



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