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Doris Dunning
Biographical Information
Name Doris Dunning
Occupation Homemaker
Residence Holden, Kentucky
Time Period 1960
Status Deceased (prime timeline 1960)
Alive (alternate timeline 1960)
Deceased (alternate 2016)
Relationship Information
Spouse Frank Dunning
Children Harry Dunning (son)
Ellen Dunning (daughter)
Tugga Dunning (son)
Character Information
Portrayed by Joanna Douglas
First Appearance The Rabbit Hole
Last Appearance The Kill Floor

Doris Dunning is the wife of Frank Dunning and mother of Harry Dunning. She lives in Holden, Kentucky with her family.

On Halloween night in 1960, Frank kills her and two of their children in a drunken rage. Harry is the only one who survives. ("The Rabbit Hole")

Alternate Timeline

Jake Epping goes back in time to 1960 to try to make 2016 Harry's life better by stopping Frank from killing his family. Jake tries to get them out of town, but Frank discovers the ruse and stops them. That night, Jake goes to Harry's house and gets into a fight with Frank. Jake garrotes Frank and kills him. ("The Kill Floor")