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This article is about Frank Dunning (Novel). You may be looking for Frank Dunning (TV Series).
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Frank Dunning (Novel)
Biographical Information
Name Frank Dunning
Occupation Butcher
Residence Derry, Maine
Status Deceased (alternate timeline)
Relationship Information
Spouse Doris Dunning (second wife, deceased)
Clara Turcotte Dunning (first wife, deceased)
Children Harry Dunning (son)
Ellen Dunning (daughter, deceased)
Arthur "Tugga" Dunning (son, deceased)
Troy Dunning (son, deceased)
Mikey Dunning (son with Clara, deceased)
Former Bill Turcotte (former brother-in-law)

Frank Dunning is the father of Harry Dunning, whom Jake Epping saves from being maimed in 1958.


After reading Harry's essay about Frank killing his wife (Harry's mother), two of Harry's brothers and hurting Harry badly while leaving his sister in a coma, Jake sets out to murder Frank to prevent him from killing his family.


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