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This article is about Harry Dunning (Novel). You may be looking for Harry Dunning (TV Series).
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Harry Dunning (Novel)
Biographical Information
Name Harry Dunning
Occupation Janitor
GED Student
Residence Lisbon Falls, Maine
Derry, Maine (childhood)
Status Alive (prime timeline)
Deceased (alternate timeline, Vietnam War)
Alive (alternate 2011)
Relationship Information
Family Frank Dunning (father)
Doris Dunning (mother, deceased)
Ellen Dunning (sister, deceased)
Arthur "Tugga" Dunning (brother, deceased)
Troy Dunning (brother, deceased)

Harry Dunning is a janitor at Lisbon Falls High School, and a student in Jake Epping's evening GED class.


Harry's submission of a paper about the night his father, Frank Dunning, murdered his mother and siblings with a hammer provides Jake with motivation and a test case to see if history can be changed. In Jake's second time thread, most of his family members are saved, but Harry serves in the Vietnam War and is killed in the Tet Offensive. In Jake's third time thread, Harry survives Vietnam, but is wheelchair-bound and living alone in a ruined Lisbon Falls.


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