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Henry Boland
Biographical Information
Name Henry Boland
Occupation High School Student
Residence Dallas, Texas
Time Period 1960
Status Alive (prime timeline)
Deceased (alternate timeline)
Relationship Information
Family Frances Boland (mother)
Character Information
Portrayed by Joel Cox
Appearance The Rabbit Hole

Henry Boland is the son of Frances Boland, who runs the Boland's Boarding House in Dallas, Texas.

After going back in time to 1960, Jake Epping drives from Lisbon, Maine to Dallas. He locates the Boland Boarding House and meets the landlady, Frances Boland. She introduces him to her son, Henry, who is in the ROTC.

The next day, Jake goes down to breakfast. Henry comes in and says that he is heading into the Army when he turns eighteen. Jake asks why and the boy says he wants to serve his country. Jake falls silent.

That evening, Jake follows George de Mohrenschildt to the posh Dallas restaurant, El Conejo, in order to spy on him. Afterwards, as Jake pulls up to the boarding house, he sees smoke and flames. The Past has pushed back. His room is burning, and Frances sobs over her son Henry, killed in the fire.[1]


The character is billed as "ROTC Kid" in the credits.


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