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Jodie, Texas
General Information
Type City
Subtype Fictional
Location United States
Significance Small town in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex where Jake Epping lives in 1960-1963
Episode(s) Other Voices, Other Rooms
The Eyes of Texas
The Truth
Happy Birthday, Lee Harvey Oswald
Soldier Boy
The Day in Question
Characters Jake Epping
Deke Simmons
Mimi Corcoran
Bill Turcotte
Mike Coslaw
Bobbi Jill Allnut
Sadie Dunhill
Johnny Clayton
Old Sadie Dunhill

Jodie is a small town in Texas between Dallas and Fort Worth.


Jake Epping gets a job at Jodie High School in 1960 as an English teacher. He builds a successful career over the next two years as he awaits Lee Harvey Oswald's arrival in 1962. ("Other Voices, Other Rooms")


  • Jodie is a fictional location invented for the novel.
  • The scenes at Jodie High School were filmed at the Mount Mary Retreat Centre (formerly Mount Mary Immaculate School) in Hamilton (Ancaster), Ontario, Canada.[1]

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