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This article is about Lee Harvey Oswald (Novel). You may be looking for Lee Harvey Oswald (TV Series).
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Lee Harvey Oswald (Novel)
Biographical Information
Name Lee Harvey Oswald
Occupation Former Marine
Shipping Clerk
Residence Dallas, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Spouse Marina Oswald
Children June Lee Oswald (daughter)
Rachel Oswald (daughter)
Family Marguerite Oswald (mother)
Robert Oswald, Sr. (father, deceased)
Bobby Oswald (brother)
Relatives Vada Oswald (sister-in-law)
Cathy Marie Oswald (niece)
Robert Lee Edward Oswald, Jr. (nephew)

Lee Harvey Oswald is the assassin who murders President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.


Lee Harvey Oswald is a former expatriate to the Soviet Union. He lives in a series of squalid residences in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his wife and child. Oswald, who is vocal about his support for Communist causes, is depicted as an ill-tempered loner who acts out of a self-absorbed desire for fame. In the alternate timeline, Jake Epping and Sadie Dunhill thwart Oswald's attempt to kill Kennedy, and he is killed by outside fire in his sniper's nest at the Texas School Book Depository.


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