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This article is about Old Sadie Dunhill (2016). You may be looking for Sadie Dunhill (1960s).
Old Sadie Dunhill.jpg
Old Sadie Dunhill
Biographical Information
Name Sadie Laurel Dunhill
Occupation High School Librarian
Residence Jodie, Texas
Time Period 2016
Status Alive
Relationship Information
Spouse Johnny Clayton (deceased)
Character Information
Portrayed by Constance Towers
Other Portrayer Sarah Gadon (Young adult Sadie Dunhill)
Appearance The Day in Question
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Without Jake Epping's alterations to the timeline, Sadie Dunhill lived to be eighty years old by 2016. After returning from 1960, Jake finds her on the internet and discovers she is alive and has been elected as Texas Woman of the Year. Jake travels to Jodie to witness the ceremony. He then shares a dance with her. As they dance, she swears she has met him before.

Sadie and Jake share a dance.