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This article is about Sadie Dunhill (Novel). You may be looking for Sadie Dunhill (TV Series).
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Sadie Dunhill (Novel)
Biographical Information
Name Sadie Dunhill
Occupation School Librarian
Residence Jodie, Texas
Savannah, Georgia (originally)
Status Alive (prime timeline)
Deceased (alternate timeline)
Relationship Information
Significant Other Jake Epping (engaged)
Former Johnny Clayton (estranged)

Sadie Dunhill is the Denholm Consolidated High School librarian and Jake Epping's fiancée.


Sadie is from Savannah, Georgia, and replaces Miz Mimi as Denholm Consolidated High School librarian in Jodie, Texas. She ran away from her abusive and psychotic husband, Johnny Clayton. She becomes Jake Epping's lover and fiancée. She travels to Reno to get a divorce from Johnny, but he tracks her down to Jodie and holds her hostage to lure Jake. Jake frees Sadie, who is severely disfigured during the ordeal. Johnny commits suicide. Jake and Sadie reconcile, and Sadie ends up helping Jake prevent Oswald from shooting John F. Kennedy. She is killed in the confrontation at the Texas School Book Depository, but comes back to life once Jake "resets" the timeline by going through the portal. She survives Johnny's rampage without Jake's help and is still alive in April 2012.


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