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Young Alice Nelson.jpg
Young Alice Nelson
Biographical Information
Name Alice Nelson
Occupation Waitress
Residence Lisbon, Maine
Time Period 1960
Status Alive
Relationship Information
Family Mother (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayed by Allie Gallerani
Other Portrayer Paulette Sinclair (older Alice Nelson)
Appearance The Rabbit Hole

Young Alice Nelson lives in Lisbon, Maine. Alice graduated from South Lisbon High School in 1960. She is a waitress in a diner downtown, but has bigger plans for her life. She plans to leave town for Bangor and then ultimately go to New York City.

Jake meets Alice when he stops by the diner for a meal. He is astounded by how good the food tastes and compliments her. He eventually realizes that she is the Alice he knows in 2016, the jaded and cynical Vice Principal at the same school.